About Us

PlaySmart was set up in 2004 by Anthony Johnston and his business partner at the time, Spencer Curtis.

Their entrepreneurial spirit had been evident from an early age when as young friends they sold Christmas trees out of the back of a van! The friendship and business bond grew from that moment and though initially their careers went in different directions they always knew they wanted to work for themselves.


In the beginning…

After entering the playground industry, they soon recognised a glaring hole in the market. Many playgrounds were being fitted with non fire retardant safety surfacing that threatened the safety and longevity of the entire investment – simply because there was no certified alternative available. Seeking to develop a fire retardant surface which offered Critical Fall Height protection whilst also addressing the ever increasing environmental concerns of the playground market, they started R&D work. After 12 months in development, FireSmart was launched in 2005.



From the beginning, FireSmart was received with open arms as it addressed so many of the areas where current safety surfaces were lacking at an affordable price which left most of the project budget for the play equipment. Customers also began to see the unrelenting commitment to service for which PlaySmart have become known. In the ten years since, PlaySmart has gone from strength to strength, becoming established as the UK’s premier installer of playground safety matting and then expanding into areas such as wet pour, bonded rubber mulch and artificial surfacing.


And now…..The New Beginning!

After 9 years Spencer Curtis decided to embark on a different pursuit and in December 2013 Anthony Johnston successfully negotiated the purchase of his share in the business and is now the proud and sole owner of PlaySmart UK.

This is a tremendously exciting time for PlaySmart UK, not only are we celebrating Anthony’s acquisition and the fresh approach it brings but also our 10th Birthday!

Anthony and the whole team at PlaySmart would like to take this opportunity to thank their valued customer’s for their support over the last 10 years and also to wish Spencer great luck and success in his future endeavors.

EcoSmart Safety Surfacing is the environmentally friendly choice for grass mats. It’s recycled, recyclable and allows the grass to grow through...


FireSmart Safety Surfacing is the original and the best fire retardant safety surface in the UK. Beware of inferior imitations!


SmartPlay Advanced Safety Surfacing is our innovative new enhanced system for natural play environments.


High quality bonded rubber mulch & chippings from PlaySmart, available in a range of colours, making surfaces brighter and more vibrant.


RubbaSmart wet pour can be used to brighten up any playground whether you want to use solid colour or incorporate crazy designs.