Guide on How to Choose a Safety Surface

At PlaySmart, we are often asked what is the best way to choose the right safety surface for your project. We’ve put ourselves in our potential customers’ shoes and thought about what information they need to know in order to make the correct decision. In doing so, we’ve tried to create a comprehensive guide on ‘How to choose a safety surface’. The guide gives a clear view of a variety of products available and considerations that should be taken into account when selecting the right safety surfacing for a project.

Our guide takes a look at:

  • CFH and British Safety Standards
  • The look of products
  • Environmental factors
  • Base preparations
  • Edging products
  • Maintenance

In order to see how these factors are applied, we’ve shown them against our Rubber Mulch – JungleMulch; Grass Matting – EcoSmart/FireSmart; Artificial Grass – Active Smart; and Wet Pour – RubbaSmart ranges.

Further information on how to choose a safety surface

We hope that our guide is a good resource to answer any questions that you have. It may even raise a few points you have not already considered! We’ve also included information on how to get in touch if you still have questions and how you can get a quote for your project.


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EcoSmart Safety Surfacing is the environmentally friendly choice for grass mats. It’s recycled, recyclable and allows the grass to grow through...


FireSmart Safety Surfacing is the original and the best fire retardant safety surface in the UK. Beware of inferior imitations!


SmartPlay Advanced Safety Surfacing is our innovative new enhanced system for natural play environments.


High quality bonded rubber mulch & chippings from PlaySmart, available in a range of colours, making surfaces brighter and more vibrant.


RubbaSmart wet pour can be used to brighten up any playground whether you want to use solid colour or incorporate crazy designs.