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Developed after almost a decade of research and development, the GymSmart Helios Exercise Multigym is a range of outdoor gym equipment that is designed to take the biomechanics of indoor commercial fitness equipment outdoors. Turn your park, recreation area or open space into a community fitness centre or gym, providing your entire community with access to commercial quality outdoor fitness equipment. Built from stainless steel and available in many colours, the Helios also allows facilities to be provided in areas where space is tight.


The Helios outdoor fitness equipment can be installed in areas such as parks, recreation areas or open spaces; always installed on a concrete base for safety and stability.

Taking indoor exercise outdoors
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PlaySmart’s innovative and robust GymSmart multigym outdoor fitness equipment can transform a public space by adding a beneficial community facility.


The Helios multigym has been designed with no removable parts to ensure users of the outdoor gym equipment and people in the surrounding area are kept safe. Used by the US Navy, the Helios is robust and durable and is engineered for long-term, repeated use. To facilitate correct use, all our multigym systems have instruction panels affixed clearly showing recommended routines for safe and beneficial exercise so even the casual user can see what to do to exercise safely. To us it is imperative that our outdoor gym equipment is safe and user friendly.

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