Safety Surfacing

smartplaySmartPlay Advanced Safety Surfacing is our innovative new enhanced system for natural play environments.

PlaySmart owes its success to the Research and Development behind FireSmart which enabled it become an industry standard for matting. Now, as one of the UK’s most respected safety surfacing specialists, we are moving surfacing on again with our new PlaySmart system.

Developed over a 2 year period for use in a range of safety surfacing systems and launched after rigorous testing in demanding conditions, the first products to incorporate the SmartPlay concept (patent pending) are our market-leading matting systems FireSmart and EcoSmart.

Excellent performance in poor ground conditions

FireSmart gives excellent performance in good ground conditions when installed and maintained correctly. However, as with all standard matting, changes in ground conditions have the potential to affect performance particularly in poor conditions or demanding situations.

Using the SmartPlay system helps to standardise ground conditions thereby reducing potential for variability but that’s not all. Unlike some other stabilising systems, the base materials used in SmartPlay are already proven for Critical Fall Height (CFH) whilst the holes in SmartPlay mean that it is suitable for use in systems where grass needs to grow through.

In addition to our conventional FireSmart and EcoSmart systems, customers can now enhance these systems by incorporating SmartPlay.

When tested with FireSmart on concrete in line with BS EN 1177 (2008), a 25mm SmartPlay system gives 1.5m CFH (1.7m with EcoSmart) and a 45mm system gives 2.4m CFH (2.5m with EcoSmart) as well as great results in independent field tests on a good grass base.

EcoSmart Safety Surfacing is the environmentally friendly choice for grass mats. It’s recycled, recyclable and allows the grass to grow through...


FireSmart Safety Surfacing is the original and the best fire retardant safety surface in the UK. Beware of inferior imitations!


SmartPlay Advanced Safety Surfacing is our innovative new enhanced system for natural play environments.


High quality bonded rubber mulch & chippings from PlaySmart, available in a range of colours, making surfaces brighter and more vibrant.


RubbaSmart wet pour can be used to brighten up any playground whether you want to use solid colour or incorporate crazy designs.