Artificial Grass Quality

Posted by PlaySmart on July 29, 2013

Like almost all products, artificial grass is available in many different qualities and at many different price points. It’s fair to say that a lot of the time the quality of the artificial surfacing is related to the cost of the product.

Different qualities of artificial lawn are determined by a number of factors. A shorter pile grass is usually cheaper than medium and longer pile and this can be put mainly down to extra material cost. As well as this the tone of the grass is also a price-determining factor. The longer grasses with more tones within the pile make for a more realistic looking grass and a more natural feel under foot. Some artificial grass also mixes different lengths and ‘moss in-fills’ to add to the more realistic look and feel.

Midrange lawns have a pile that is slightly longer than that of an economy grass and is naturally softer. A mid range artificial grass will generally have more tone which will make for a much more realistic looking lawn, especially from a distance.

The high-end artificial grass surfacing solutions are usually of a much higher density and longer pile. A high range of mixed tones make for a grass surface that looks real at a close range and also has a much softer feel. This sort of surfacing is usually used in lower traffic areas and is generally a lot safer for children (check individual product details for safety regulations).

Artificial grass is a great solution for bare surface areas to give a little more of a natural look. In conjunction with our other safety surfacing’s it can make for a great playground/play area surface too. Products like our grass mats can be used in areas where natural grass is still growing but where rigidity and a softer surface is needed, while artificial grass can be used in higher traffic areas such as entrances and exits.

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