JungleMulch provides safety pathways for a Golf Course in Birmingham

Posted by Demi Dunn on August 18, 2015

Ladbrook Golf Course offers an outstanding course throughout all 18 holes provided. Not only is the course a magnificent site for the eyes it also provides excellent social events which are held every week.

Ladbrook had used PlaySmart before and found JungleMulch was a perfect solution for them. A difficult task at most golf clubs is maintaining the pathways which go from green to tees as the player always take the shortest route. This requires a lot of maintenance through all weather conditions fixing the ground and reseeding certain areas.golf 1

PlaySmart carried out a site visit to measure the area and to advise on the groundwork preparation. In order to save on cost, the green staff at Ladbrook completed all edging and groundwork’s.

From the range of blends and primary colours available Ladbrook chose Rustic blend on the Tee area which consists of a Red and Brown mix and for the pathway they chose JungleMulch Original, a blend of Red, Yellow and Brown.



After JungleMulch Installation

“We have used PlaySmart 3 times in the last 3 years for our pathways all exceeding over 175m2. The first path is now in its third year and still shows no sign of wear and it carries buggies as well as trollies. Not only is JungleMulch pleasant to the eye and complements our grounds, our members all love the feel when walking on the surface as they say is has a soft bouncy feel. The surface is porous so there are no puddles or mud, it is therefore clean and low maintenance. By the current look of the surface it seems it will last a long time and we feel we made an excellent choice. We look forward to working with PlaySmart again in the future.

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