Hednesford Park – Our Playground Flooring Solution

Posted by Hannah Rech on January 26, 2016

Hednesford Park in Staffordshire is a popular, well-used recreation ground with a rich and varied history. The first records of the site being used as a park date all the way back to 1935, when Cannock District Council rented it out as a playing field. Previous to which, it belonged to the coal miners of the area as their recreational ground.

In December 2015, PlaySmart completed surfacing works for Proludic on the ground’s new play-area, partly thanks to a Heritage Lottery Fund for revenue and activities. Much of the work was also supported by ‘The Friends of Hednesford Park‘ – a dedicated group of community volunteers, working to promote the area’s regeneration.

outdoor playground flooring

Our outdoor playground flooring solution

For this particular project, we were asked to complete several areas using three of our most popular playground surfacing products. Ultimately, the aim was to create a natural looking finish, in keeping with the play equipment and surroundings. Making use of our JungleMulch bonded rubber mulch, ActiveSmart artificial grass and EcoSmart grass mats, this range of finishes created clear ‘zones’ in the playground for different uses. outdoor playground flooring When giving feedback on the surfacing works that helped make up the new design, a representative from Cannock Chase District Council said,

Monitoring the work on site, the site workers were extremely proficient. The surfaces were …well constructed and installed. Which was a huge relief as they …had issues with the quality of similar products from alternative suppliers. It was laid in a better way than a lot of other suppliers have been doing.

The site should now be a focal point for the community for years to come. Combining modern outdoor playground flooring and equipment, with strong links to the area’s past.

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