PlaySmart to Appear at The Care Roadshow in Birmingham

Posted by Michael Chapman on May 27, 2015

PlaySmart are renowned for our playground innovation, but many of you may be surprised to read that our products are extremely popular within the care home industry. Following our recent popularity within this sector over the years, we are proud to be appearing at Villa Park stadium in Birmingham on the 7th July for The Care Roadshow.

The Care Roadshows are free regional care events (in London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds, Cardiff, and Liverpool) that take place right throughout the year, and are essentially the UK’s leading care home-focussed events. These large (and highly enjoyable) gatherings are run for the benefit of care home owners, managers, suppliers, and all people operating within the healthcare sector, who are perhaps looking for inspiring ideas, looking to make new industry connections, and/or try out new exciting products.

Why would care homes be interested in products used in playgrounds? Well, care homes require surfacing for various reasons. Unsurprisingly it ultimately comes down to safety. The vast majority of elderly people living in care homes are able to move around without assistance (and generally have little trouble with their mobility), but care homes need to make it as easy as possible for their less-mobile residents (for example, people in wheelchairs) to be able to move around their premises via pathways and walkways. Therefore nice flat surfaces are preferred in these sorts of environments. Our surfaces, of course, are perfectly suited for this criteria, ticking all the boxes, with the added benefit of minimising injury in the event of a fall.

Furthermore, it’s not just paths that benefit greatly from our products, as PlaySmart innovations are regularly used within garden areas at numerous care homes across the country. For example, EcoSmart safety surfacing grass mats are absolutely perfect for adding a bit of added safety to grassy embankments. Alternatively, artificial grass systems can be specifically developed for neat landscaping, meaning that garden areas require little-to-no maintenance, and are much more practical and cost-effective for a care home’s requirements.

In short, we are very excited about this upcoming event and we look forward to seeing you all in Birmingham on the 7th July!

For more information on the play surfaces that PlaySmart can offer, why not take a look at our free industry guide on ‘How to choose a safety surface’. To download, please click on the image below.
choose a safety surface

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