Interlocking Grass Mats – Refurbishing your Play area

Posted by Demi Dunn on January 19, 2016

Following the arrival of the cold, winter weather over the last few weeks, you may be thinking that your play area could benefit from a little TLC before spring arrives.

But most of us are still feeling that post-Christmas pinch, and many schools and councils have already used up most of their budgets. So completing playground flooring works to a low price is absolutely vital!

If you want to maintain the natural look of your play area but still provide effective safety for the children, then grass mats could be the perfect fit for a low budget refurb.

The Benefits of Interlocking Grass Mats

One great benefit of grass mats is that they’re easily installed on to a grass base without ruining the turf. The grass can then grow through within just a few weeks of installation, leaving a natural finish.  And since the grass mats are made using recycled materials, this means they’re both eco-friendly and affordable.

interlocking grass mats by PlaySmart

They’re also very low maintenance, as they’ll stabilise the ground and protect the grass from heavy foot traffic. And thanks to their excellent impact absorption, they can also meet your specified fall-height requirement needs.

The longevity of top-quality, interlocking grass mats will leave you with no uncertainties for years to come, and the ones we offer here at PlaySmart (called EcoSmart) even come with product and installation guarantees!

Understanding that our customers may not always have the budget to replace an entire area, our products are ideal for overlaying your existing safety surfacing. This eliminates removal costs, wastage of the existing surface, and the need for any groundworks!

As a possible alternative, we’d recommend taking a look at rubber mulch (ours is known as JungleMulch), which is perfect for overlaying onto existing surfaces like wet pour and tarmac. Our JungleMulch is manufactured from used aeroplane and lorry tyres, making it another great, eco-friendly product that can still reach any necessary-fall height requirements.

Jungle Mulch rubber mulchWhatever your playground flooring needs are this year, there’s plenty of budget-friendly options to choose from! You can also take a look at our free guide to rubber grass mats, to download follow this link.

EcoSmart Safety Surfacing is the environmentally friendly choice for grass mats. It’s recycled, long lasting and allows the grass to grow through for natural play…


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The highest quality bonded rubber mulch, available in a range of colours, making surfaces brighter and more vibrant for longer…


RubbaSmart wet pour is a smooth surface that can be used to brighten up any area whether you want to use solid colour or incorporate crazy designs…