The Ultimate Guide to Grass Mats!


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What are grass mats?


Grass mats are perforated rubber tiles that stabilise ground conditions and protect users against slips, trips and falls. While they retain the natural look of grass, they’re popular as a neat, safe, durable, surfacing option, which is low maintenance and cost-effective. They’re easily installed and allow grass to grow through them. Since our grass mats are made using recycled materials – they’re eco-friendly and affordable





Our grass mat options

grass mats grass mats
Our environmentally friendly choice
Our fire retardant grass mat


As well as EcoSmart and FireSmart, we also offer SmartPlay, our exclusive, innovative shock-pad system.


grass matsSmartPlay can be combined with EcoSmart or FireSmart to:

  • Improve safety of grass mats
  • Remove concerns of using grass mats in varied ground conditions
  • Reduce maintenance
  • Stop grass mats from sinking
  • Help areas of grass erosion


Benefits of grass mats

grass matsAffordable
One of the key reasons grass mats are the surface of choice for many sites is that they’re often far more affordable than the alternative surfacing options.
grass mats

Easy installation
With the help of a professional supplier, they’re quick and easy to install, offering a durable finish that requires minimal maintenance.

grass mats

Quality grass mats can bring some great safety benefits to your site, like providing great fall-height coverage, slip resistance and accessibility.

grass matsNatural look
Grass mats are popular because they offer a natural look, as they allow the grass to grow through the surface (unlike artificial finishes such as RubbaSmart)

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Safety of grass mats


Our EcoSmart grass mats have achieved a 2.9m Critical Fall Height when installed on a good grass base and tested in accordance with British Standard BS EN 1177 (2008). British Standards 1177 is the standard that determines the product’s Critical Fall Height. The fall height achieved will vary, based on the condition and type of surface the mats are installed onto. Although they have achieved a 2.9m Critical Fall Height, we don’t recommend using them above a 2m CFH.

If you’re planning to install your grass mats onto poor ground conditions, or want to achieve a greater CRH, why not use our SmartPlay system for heightened safety?


Applications of grass mats


grass mats grass mats grass mats
Feature items Timber kit Protect against falls
Grass mats can be the perfect addition to a feature item of kit, as they not only surface around the item safely but also don’t take any attention away. We’ve seen that our grass mats are an increasingly popular choice for clients who’ve installed fashionable robin wood play equipment. Use grass mats with our SmartPlay surfacing system to protect against falls from taller items of kit.
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How do I choose quality grass mats?


grass mats Ensure that the mats you choose are made of high-quality, non-toxic materials and arent bulked out with padding or potentially sharp metal fibres
grass mats Make sure your choice is tested in line with British Standards EN 1177 and EN 7188
grass mats Look for mats that have a reinforced outer edge as this provides a longer lasting, better-looking surface and reduces the chance of cable ties ripping through them
grass mats Check how your grass mats will be installed. This helps to avoid potential trip hazards left due to poor installation

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Use our grass mats to solve common playground problems…


Maintain grass in high wear areas

We find that clients often use our grass mats to protect grass from wearing on a larger site from turf erosion. This could be as simple as putting a mat at entry and exit points that otherwise, overtime, could become a bald patch in the landscape making the area unsightly.

If you are including a specific point of interest, which doesn’t necessarily need fall height protection but will become a feature point, you might also want to protect turf there.

Clients increasingly provide grass matting under seating for those accompanying children at play. This reduces erosion where feet swing and in-turn less maintenance is needed.

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Protect against falls

Grass mats can be used as fall protection for taller items of kit, we recommend the use of grass mats on their own up to a required fall height of 2 metres. For protection on items of kit with a fall height above 2 metres, we recommend using SmartPlay. This not only gives more surety in fall height, but also reduces variations in ground type and maintenance going forward.

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Stop grass mats from sinking

We often speak to clients who say that they have experience of their grass mats sinking so don’t like to use them. On good, stable, well-drained ground, grass mats are the perfect cost-effective solution for playground surfacing. However, if not maintained on a regular basis, poor ground conditions can lead to grass mats sinking.

The SmartPlay system is great for grass mat sites with bad ground condition. The foam layer installed under the mats encourages them to retain their position whilst still allowing grass to grow through the surface.

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4 tips to help maintain your grass mats

grass mats grass mats
Make sure that when trimming turf coming through, the blade isn’t too low as this can tear the matting Check that all the original fixings are still in place and that there is no erosion of the recesses
grass mats grass mats
Be sure to keep the area free of debris and blow away any build-up of leaves Lift the mats periodically to shake any loose soil or seeds

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grass mats

Download our FREE Guide to Grass Mats to find out more about our grass mats.


The guide also includes a buyer’s checklist – a ready-made list of questions to ask suppliers to ensure you get the best grass mat for the task inhand.To download, click the circle.


Hednesford Park Case Study


Hednesford Park in Staffordshire is a popular, well-used recreation ground with a rich and varied history. The first records of the site being used as a park date all the way back to 1935, when Cannock District Council rented it out as a playing field. Previous to which, it belonged to the coal miners of the area as their recreational ground.

For this particular project, we were asked to surface several areas using three of our most popular surfacing products. The aim was to create a natural looking finish, in keeping with the play equipment and surrounds. As well as JungleMulch and ActiveSmart, we used our EcoSmart grass mats to create clear ‘zones’ in the playground for different uses.
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EcoSmart Safety Surfacing is the environmentally friendly choice for grass mats. It’s recycled, long lasting and allows the grass to grow through for natural play…


FireSmart Safety Surfacing is the original and the best fire retardant grass mat safety surface in the UK…


The innovative SmartPlay shock pad can be combined with EcoSmart or FireSmart grass mats offering an enhanced safety surfacing system for natural play environments…


The highest quality bonded rubber mulch, available in a range of colours, making surfaces brighter and more vibrant for longer…


RubbaSmart wet pour is a smooth surface that can be used to brighten up any area whether you want to use solid colour or incorporate crazy designs…